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Why Is The French National Team Jersey The Most Expensive?
- Apr 10, 2018 -

Recently, there have been some unexpected breakthroughs in Chinese football, such as the Asian Cup group stage victory and a generous shirt sponsorship contract.

According to the information from all parties, the new jersey sponsorship contract awarded by the Chinese national team from Nike reached 1 billion yuan (12 years), and the annual sponsorship fee for shirts reached 11 million euros. This figure is even higher than the 2014 World Cup runner-up Argentine shirt sponsorship fee (8 million euros).

Many people have a series of reasons for the situation of the Chinese national team, but it is even more necessary to explain the French national team. The annual fee of the French national team jersey sponsored by Nike is as high as 42.6 million euros, which is the world’s most expensive national team jersey sponsorship contract. For the German team that just won the World Cup in 2014, the sponsorship fee for the shirt is only 30 million euros per year, and the annual fee for the sponsorship of the Brazilian national team jersey that won the World Cup championship for 5 times is also 30 million euros.

The question is, what about the French team that holds the most expensive jersey sponsorship contract? Since France entered the World Cup finals in 2006, the French national team did not have many outstanding results in the competition; since the retired Zidane, the French national team has no super-star; as for the French league, it is also ranked in the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga After the level.

Jersey sponsorship is completely commercial and Nike should not be spending money. Then in addition to UEFA President Platini is a Frenchman, in the end why the French national team's jersey is so valuable?

Influence. Although the scores in recent years are not good, the French national team has been one of the best performing teams in the world for the past 15 years. In particular, the French team in the 2000 European Cup period has almost all the elements of a perfect team: superstars, consecutive championship titles, and pleasing matches. This has caused the French national team to accumulate large-scale fans over the past 10 years. For a sports brand, the team's short-term performance is certainly important, but the overall impact of the team is more important. Judging from the overall domestic market, leagues and global influence, France is still one of the top few national teams.