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Teach You How To Choose The Right Shoes
- Apr 10, 2018 -

How to choose the most suitable for their own football shoes, with boots and escorts, I believe in the field will be even more powerful. There are various kinds of football shoes, and the lawn is also a variety of situations. Therefore, the selection of shoes depends mainly on the conditions of the lawn. The general principle of choice is that the spikes can be put into the field, and the shoes that are powerful and hard to stop, that cannot stop slipping, and that the knees will not be sore.

Shoe type

1.AG (Artificial Ground) colloidal short nails

Specially designed for artificial turf, this pair of shoes can be very good protection of the ankle, and change to flexible, quick start. AG is very popular in China. The main reason is that the domestic golf course is dominated by artificial turf. AG's studs are dense and of moderate length, which can reduce the load on knees. AG's sole is firm and durable.

2.FG (Firm Ground) Colloid Spike

Suitable for drying hard, natural grass, these shoes have long nails, strong grip and quick start. There are multiple professional players as long as the venue is not too slippery.

3.HG (Hard Ground) Colloid short nail

Suitable for artificial turf with less grass and mud. It is softer and shorter than FG. It is suitable for amateur golf shoes. HG's spikes are less than those of AGs. They are mainly shoes suitable for the Japanese market, but they are not quite in line with China's national conditions.

4.MG (Muti Ground) Colloid Short nail

Suitable for artificial turf, training and competition can be worn shoes, nails hardness and length are moderate, and more intensive.

5.TF (Turf) Colloidal nails

It is suitable for hard competition with a thin bottom and can protect the ankle well. It is also called training shoes. The spikes are short and densely arranged.

6.SG (Soft Ground) metal spikes

Suitable for slippery natural grass, this pair of shoes is a must-have for professional players with only a few metallic nails on the sole. Suitable for areas with rainy weather, the grass is relatively soft and the spikes can grip.

As can be seen from the above types, AG and TF are more suitable for ordinary fans to choose. In fact, in Europe, in the winter, there are players in the Bundesliga and La Liga who choose to compete in such shoes, mainly because natural grasses are withered.