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Low Temperature Early Warning To Buy Autumn And Winter Football Equipment
- Apr 10, 2018 -

Due to the dual role of typhoon and cold air, the south finally ushered in cooling. As far as the northern temperatures are more tears! However, for football dogs, what is cool is nothing more than playing but it is Change the equipment only! The premise is, have you prepared the autumn and winter football equipment? Are you ready?

Many people play football in autumn and winter to keep warm and wear thick sportswear. In fact, this will hinder sports. In autumn and winter, football equipment needs to pay attention to the following points: First winter sports equipment not only needs to keep warm but also need to consider the weight of clothes. , Choose the right one is the best; Second is the autumn and winter football equipment necessary protective gear, protective gear can play the role of cold wind in the process of movement. The third is the accessories, gloves, hats, microblogging, etc. are good partners for autumn and winter sports, not only warm but also with a sense of fashion trends.


I think everybody Ououer does not need Xiao Bian to tell everyone that it is important to keep football warm in the fall and winter. The proper temperature will not only make you more comfortable, but also ensure that your level can be fully utilized. If you look at Robben, you know that as a man who wears tights for the fall season, there is nothing more persuasive than him.

Several major football equipment brands have provided tights products for their players. Some professional sports brands also have compression products, while other large and small brands in China also have tights. Products are dazzling and difficult to avoid. One still depends on personal preferences and budget.

The A400 uses “dynamic gradient compression” technology that uses biomechanical principles for sewing. It provides controlled, consistent support at the sloping parts of the spine and shoulder blades. It also uses underarm elastic stretching nets and silicone strips to prevent clothing from rolling up. When the human body is contracted by external forces, the heat dissipation is relatively slow. Another reason why the Sikins is suitable for autumn and winter sports is that it is lightweight, a thin layer is attached to the body, and the weight of the compression garment is not felt at all when exercising. exist.

HeatGear fabrics are highly stretchable and make the wear stretch. The double-layer material provides excellent warmth, and the moisture-removal system technology drains sweat from the body during exercise and uses a taste-reduction technique to stop the growth of microorganisms.

DRI-FIT fabric, breathable and skin-friendly, wicking and quick-drying; shoulders, under the material splicing rigorous; personal tailoring for sports without obstacles.

Our series is a layer of super-functional "artificial skin" for athletes. The 3D Pattern fit cut not only helps you streamline your body in sports, but also brings comfort to a new level. Climacool's breathable material is also used to prevent tight clothing from sticking to sweat-laden skin after sweat absorption to keep the body cool and dry.