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Instead Of Wearing A Pair Of Shoes, You're Stylish.
- Apr 10, 2018 -

Everyone seems to want to have so many "universal items". No matter what the body looks like or if it will match, if it has it, it will be called fashionable. White sneakers seem to be "blown" into such a thing and wear it. Is there a style? not necessarily.

Sneakers can indeed give you a relaxed temperament, and it doesn't seem to matter what you wear. There is nothing better than subtraction.

I can easily use my temperament to attract you, and I can't make it work. The shoes become the spokesperson for this attitude.

But to be honest, it's not that two shoes have been used. These rare temperaments are immediately available. The role of shoes is even more "icing on the cake."

Moreover, the threshold for wearing shoes may not be low:

Conclusion can not bear to look straight

But body is indeed the first element

There are only one hundred advantages of shoes, there is only one bad, no follow.

You're stylish, you have layers, but I'm taller than you. (get shot)

You don't effortlessly mix and match, but I'm higher than you. (get shot)

You don't go the unusual way. You have style, but I'm higher than you. (Wan arrow through the heart)

Even if there is another style, you still need to wear a short heel, shoes are really easy to expose the shortcomings of the body, especially the lower body:

Sneakers come with a sense of volume, it will make your lower face look heavy and heavy, especially pear-shaped figure is not friendly, standing there is not fashionable just like road signs.

The shortcomings of waist length are also easy to expose. White T-shirts with white shoes should be foolproof. No, upper and lower jaws will only appear shorter legs.

Crude leg is a real loss, and then accidentally wearing a high help section, who is no longer lean.

Good wide leg pants + white sneakers, stylish atmosphere?

Wearing double shoes is not trendy

It's fashionable for you

Everyone says fashionable shoes, it is not suitable for every temperament, every body. Do not rush to chase the most popular "explosive models", if not for yourself, how to wear will not look good.

White sneakers are not as easy-going as you think. We know that you want that kind of " effortlessly" feeling, but first you have to be a person with a lot of enthusiasm, otherwise you can only rely on a pair of shoes and cannot turn around.

And if there are problems with such clothes, how many sneakers can be worn cannot be saved.