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Football Equipment | Is It Genuine Or Pirated Jersey?
- Apr 10, 2018 -

This summer, the Bayern Munich team's China tour brought a wonderful game and brought great controversy. Rummenigge's remarks have become the focus of attention. He said: "To be honest, we don't like this very much. We hope fans will buy authentic jerseys. This is the most correct way to support us."

There are many fans in China. Some people will wear genuine jerseys. Some will buy pirated jerseys. For a time, “If you don’t buy genuine jerseys, you don’t have the qualification to support your favorite team?” It has become a huge controversy, and everyone’s opinions are not the same.

Controversy: Do not buy genuine because it is too expensive!

Here we can only take a step back and think, why can't you sell genuine? Let's take a look at the price of jerseys, taking Arsenal's newly listed away jersey in the summer of 2015 as an example. Arsenal’s UK official website launched a total of four jerseys:

Fan Edition (Short Sleeve) Price 55 pounds (RMB 528)

Fan Edition (Long Sleeve) Price 60 pounds (RMB 576)

Player version (short sleeve) price 100 pounds (RMB 960)

Female fan version (short sleeve) price 55 pounds (RMB 528)

At first glance, the price of jerseys is indeed very high, but the root of the real impact on fans’ perception of price is the income level. In the United Kingdom, the minimum wage for people over the age of 21 in 2014 is 6.5 lbs/hr, and the monthly minimum wage is at least 1040 lbs. An authentic Arsenal jersey needs to spend 5.3% of its income on the lowest income group.

Controversy two: can not support the team selling pirated?

This issue is similar to the free download of music and movies online. Both involve a copyright issue. The reason why the price of pirated jerseys is low is that they only cover the production cost of shirts, and there is no need to pay the club any copyright fees.

Controversy 3: Do not buy piracy, what choices?

In China's environment of disrespecting intellectual property rights, it is a long process to resolve the dispute between copyrighted and piracy. Fans can try to challenge their own consumer ideas, businesses should also give fans more choices.