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What is the use of 3D printing in shoes?
- Apr 10, 2018 -

In today's sports shoes field, there may not be anything more topical than 3D printing - a complex structure full of mechanical senses, curiously worn feet, rare quantities, and expensive prices... behind it, almost SNEAKER The ultimate imagination in this era and the unlimited human desire for science. It is with this curiosity that we arrived at the Peking Beijing Design and Research Center last week to discuss the stories behind this science and technology revolution in sports shoes with friends here responsible for the development of the 3D printing project. Of course, before the feature film begins, we may wish to briefly review some of the innovative applications of 3D printing technology in the field of sports shoes in recent years.

Obviously, 3D printing technology has become a hotly contested area for almost all new international technology brands in recent years. In May 2017, Peak released its first 3D printed running shoes FUTURE I. The appearance of this running shoe not only marks Peak as the pioneer in the 3D printing technology field of domestic brands, but also achieves a high level of product performance.

In our impression, Peak, a representative of domestic brands, has always been pursuing innovation in the field of science and technology, and presented to consumers in the form of better performance and cost-effectiveness. For 3D printing, they are also the same. Shortly after the birth of FUTURE I, they introduced 3D printing technology with further tests and adjustments into basketball shoes. For example, during the Dwight Howard journey in China last summer, they had already experienced signature sneakers with a 3D printed midsole.

Syria, and how about 3D printing in the future can change the whole industry, how brands will further explore the infinite potential of 3D printing, with this series of questions, we specifically invited Peak to be responsible for two of R&D and marketing. Friends, they come to bring you the most professional interpretation of 3D printing technology.

Simplify the production process, reduce energy waste, and provide a personalized wearing experience ... The future of 3D printing in the field of sports shoes is full of our countless wonderful reverie. I believe there will be more surprises waiting for us at the next visit.

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