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What are the roles of football leg guards?
- Apr 10, 2018 -

Due to the high degree of confrontation in football matches, it is common for players to be kicked into the calf. Physically speaking, the leg shield is a decentralized, buffered pressure and impulse applied to the lower leg, thereby protecting the player. The leg shield is generally a rigid plate that can distract the force exerted by the legs and shoes. In addition, the gap between the leg shield and the leg can play a buffer role, and the flesh between the leg bone and the leg guard plate also has a buffer effect, reducing the incidence of leg fracture.

Excellent football legguards features

1. The material is a rigid material, usually a bit more solid, if the leg shield can be folded in all directions by hand, it is best not to buy it, otherwise it is not responsible for its own leg;

2. The good leg shield is divided into the left leg and the right leg, because the legs of the person are symmetrical, especially the leg shields that contain the protection of the ankle.

3. The elasticity of the straps can be properly adjusted, and the size and height of the leg guard plate are appropriately proportioned.