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What are the effects of the leg guard?
- Apr 10, 2018 -

The leg protector is to protect the lower leg (as the technical development, some leg protectors can also protect the ankle), so it is also called the armor plate. Due to the high degree of confrontation in football matches, it is common for players to be kicked into the calf. Physically speaking, the leg shield is a decentralized, buffered pressure and impulse applied to the lower leg, thereby protecting the player. The leg shield is generally a rigid plate that can distract the force exerted by the legs and shoes. In addition, the gap between the leg shield and the leg can act as a buffer, and the flesh between the leg bone and the leg shield also has a buffering effect to prevent the fracture.

So what kind of harm will happen if you do not wear a leg shield? When a player does not wear a leg guard plate or has a violent effect on the lower leg, a fracture of the sacrum or sacrum can occur. In severe cases, a fracture of the femoral femur or tearing of the knee cruciate ligament can occur. Legguards can reduce the incidence of leg fractures. When the patella fractures, the lower limb cannot withstand the weight of the body and it is easy to break. The diagnosis of tibial fractures is relatively difficult because the tibia is a non-bearing bone and even if a fracture occurs, the athlete can continue to play. Since the tibia is a non-load bearing bone, the stress is less, so the fracture healing time is longer. FIFA mandates that athletes must wear leg shields when participating in competitions (see Chapter 4 of the Football Rules: football players must wear leg guards that are adequate to provide protection and are made of plastics, rubber, or similar materials, and the leg guards must be covered by football. The socks are completely enclosed so as not to cause fractures of the lower leg. The treatment of fibular fractures of football players is not much different from other projects. However, because the football players themselves have a higher requirement on the calf muscles, it is relatively long for the football players to fully recover enough to play football again.