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Public test of leg pads
- Apr 10, 2018 -

Leg guards generally refer to a kneeling board used for football. There are also leg shields for ice hockey, hockey and other sports. The following only describes the leg guards in football. With more and more footballers admitting that the fall is a part of football, there is also a real football priest standing up to save the football. In order to return the audience to one of the most authentic footballs, these people are busy day and night, the former Premier League referee. Wolf-Winter is one of them. Beijing time April 9, 2011, according to the British "Mirror" revealed that as Premier League referee Jeff - Winter held a public test that can test the dip leggings, he hopes that this high-tech equipment can let in the future Diving disappeared on the football field.

The 55-year-old Jeff Winter was a famous referee in the Premier League. As a supporter of the Scottish giant Glasgow Rangers, he once lawfully executed Manchester United's 3-0 victory over Milwaukee's FA Cup final in 2004. After retiring in 2006, Winter joined the Professional Pro Players Union of England and since then he has been committed to making football matches truly fair. According to Winter, the inventor of the anti-sweeping leg shield is Andy Sauer, who sends a signal whenever the leg shield is touched. Andy-Sauer believes that this invention helps to distinguish between true and false penalty, and for players who like to dive, this equipment can also play a limiting effect. However, it has also been pointed out that this dive detector is difficult to use by FIFA.