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Leg shields are roughly divided into small boards and large boards
- Apr 10, 2018 -

From the appearance, the leg guard board is roughly divided into a small board and a large board. The smaller boards are lighter and lighter, and they are relatively comfortable to wear after being put on. Many skill-type front court players like to wear small boards. Of course, its protection is also relatively poor; the large boards are relatively large and the weight is heavier. It has a large area of protection, often including ankles. It has good protection and cushioning, but it's big and heavy. It's less comfortable. Most of the players who choose large boards are defensive players or power players.

From the way of wearing, the leg shield is divided into a plug board and a fixed board. The flapper is directly inserted into the socks. Because there is no fixed strap, the flapper is very comfortable, but because it is not fixed, the flapper will go back and forth in the socks, so the sleeve is invented. Fixed plate; fixed plate, as its name suggests, can be firmly fixed to the calf with its own straps, but the strap has some influence on the calf.

In general, excellent leg pads have the following features:

1 The material is a rigid material, and usually it is more solid, if the leg shield can be folded in all directions by hand, it is best not to buy it, otherwise it is not responsible for its own leg;

2 The good leg shield is divided into the left leg and the right leg, because the legs of the person are symmetrical, especially the leg shields that include the protection of the ankle.

3 The elasticity of the straps is properly adjustable, and the size and height of the leg shield are properly proportioned.