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How to see the size of basketball clothing?
- Apr 10, 2018 -

Basketball is a sport that many boys and girls love. During the sports process, especially during the competition, the proper size of the basketball suit will affect your play. Therefore, in addition to choosing the style and color, you should also choose your own size. The following Xiaobian share the relevant knowledge of basketball suit size, to help everyone have a more in-depth understanding of basketball clothing.

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Basketball suit size and height:

XL: Length 69cm Bust 104cm For height 165-170cm

2XL: length 71cm chest 108cm for height 170-175cm

3XL: Length 74cm Bust 116cm Height 175-180cm

4XL: Length 78cm Bust 120cm Height 180-185cm

5XL: Length 82cm Bust 126cm Height 185-190cm

The normal weight is selected according to the height selection, and the weight can be appropriately enlarged

Under normal circumstances, you only need to choose clothes based on the above basketball suit size and corresponding height. For example, the king's height is 178, the general weight, then 4XL basketball suit size is the most appropriate, if his body is thin, then choose 3XL is also possible.