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Don't wear a leg shield until you get injured
- Apr 10, 2018 -

The leg guards are used to protect the calf shins, also known as shin guards. Because of the high confrontational resistance of the football game, the probability of the player being kicked to the calf is very high, so it is very necessary to wear the cheekbones that are suitable for protecting one's own shin guards during the game. From a physical point of view, the leg guard plate is dispersed and the impact force that would otherwise be applied to the calf is buffered. The gap between the leg shield and the leg can act as a buffer, and the flesh between the leg bone and the leg guard plate also has a buffer effect to prevent fracture.

If the player does not wear a leg shield, a fracture of the sacrum or sacrum is likely to occur when strong forces are applied to the shank. In severe cases, thigh leg fractures or knee cruciate ligament tears may occur.

In the FIFA Regulations stipulated by FIFA, it is clearly stated that football players must wear leg shields that are adequate to provide certain protection from plastics, rubber, and similar materials, and that the leg guards must be completely surrounded by football socks.

How do we choose the right leg protector?

From the appearance of the leg shield, we can simply divide it into: large plates and small plates. The small board is relatively light and relatively comfortable. Generally, the front players who like to break the dribbling board will choose the small board. Of course, the protection function it can play is also relatively poor. The board can protect the area larger and heavier. Moreover, many large leg shields also have ankles wrapped around their ankles. The same board is also less flexible and comfortable. Generally, midfield and back defensive players tend to choose such leg shields.

When choosing a leg shield, be sure to choose a qualified product, a product that makes you feel comfortable.

Comfort can be considered in terms of size, weight, thickness, fit, sweating, nausea, and confusion. For the appearance, anyway, it is not included in the socks.

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