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Ball clothing number printing instructions
- Apr 10, 2018 -

Number printed instructions:

A watermark

With the special ink number printing paper, the ink on the numbering paper is sublimated and printed on the clothing fiber by professional machine heating. The ink is directly printed on the clothes and does not fade or feel good.

Advantages: A printing method that is widely used by customers because of its good air permeability, no touch, no fading, easy maintenance and long life. This type of number has two colors, red and black. The colors suitable for printing include: white, red, sky blue, gold, yellow, and green. Other color numbers can be customized.

Second, offset printing

A printing method that uses a special offset paper to transfer the pattern on the paper to the substrate by a professional machine. There is white and gold.

Advantages: The hand feels obvious and the effect is beautiful and smooth.

 Maintenance need to know: Please do not put into the washing machine washing, washing the number in turn, is conducive to the number of maintenance. Wash it by hand, do not soak for a long time, do not try hard to wash the number position. Can not dry clean, not long exposure numbers in the sun.

Third, imported lettering film

The best offset printing method at present has good effect, bright color and long use time. It can be printed with any text or pattern and used by the national team. Generally suitable for high-end jerseys. The disadvantage is the high cost.